Originally posted on 11/1/09

Those of you who know me know that I’m terribly scared of needles and shots. So it might come as some surprise to hear that I tried acupuncture last week. I’ve always been fascinated with this type of Chinese medicine, but have never been brave enough to try it. Well, I interviewed a wonderful acupuncturist named Jill Blakeway for a story I am producing. She runs the Yin Ova center in NYC. After watching someone get needled while shooting the story, I decided to try it. My back has been very tight recently, and not even back massages were helping. I met with Jill for a full consultation and treatment. After a couple dozen questions about my lifestyle and symptoms, she said, like many New York City women, I am a pressure cooker for stress. Someone who holds everything inside, and my Qi (said: chee) was all blocked up. So Jill recommending some acupuncture and Chinese herbs. She said she was going to put the needles in my back then in my front. Surprisingly, I couldn’t even feel the needles going into my back. It just felt like someone tapped on me. She inserted around 6 needles and let me lay quietly for 5 minutes. I swear I could feel my back relax while lying in the peaceful room. Jill put some theraputic oil on one of my more problem muscles. It felt great. Next, she had me flip over onto my front and inserted needles into my feet, ankles, hands and my right ear. I was a little more apprehensive about this side probably because I could see what was going on, but again I could hardly feel the needles. Jill sent me off with some Chinese herbs and told me to come back after she returned from a vacation. To my surprise, I slept like a baby that night, and woke up the next morning feeling fantastic. The one huge knot on my back is significantly reduced the way no massage has been able to help. Jill’s clinic is for women and children and she treats a variety of conditions ranging from acne to fertility issues. I never would have thought to try acupuncture for my tense back, but I’m sure glad I did.