Sunscreen Media Event

Originally posted on 5/19/10

I recently went to a work event that I need to share. It was for L’Oreal & La Rosh Posay, a company that specializes in sunscreens from France. There was a presentation and then we were invited to get screen checks. During the presentation, a dermatologist talked about how dangerous the sun is for humans. She had some great statistics. One out of 5 Americans will get skin cancer. Can you believe that? And the quickest growing group of people getting skin cancer are adults 25 – 29. Of course they say the most important thing is to wear sunscreen on all exposed skin – every day and avoid tanning beds (Kyla, I’m talking to you). Also pay attention to the moles on your body. For more information about where to find free skin checks and how to spot a problem mole, go to