Winter Cleanse

Originally posted on 2/4/10

After having a conversation with Ray last night, I think I’m going to try to blog more. I do have some things of note going on with my life, so I’m going to try to share them more here.

Over the past 2 1/2 weeks, I’ve been doing an herbal cleanse. The entire program lasts 4 weeks. Last year I did a juice cleanse for 3 days, but this year I wanted to try this cleanse by Blessed Herbs. The acupuncture center that I have been going to and working with is doing the cleanse also and invited patients to cleanse along with them. They blog every week about the benefits. It’s nice to know what I’m getting into as well as staying motivated.

It is a 4-part program that includes dietary restrictions and lots of herbs taken before each meal. The first week was the colon cleanse. That was about as pleasant as it sounds. You have to drink a “toxin absorber” 5 times a day and stick to an all vegetarian, liquid if possible diet. I came to affectionately refer to the toxin absorber as sludge. You mix it with a glass of fruit juice and drink up. The point is remove “mucoid plaque.” Let’s just say I was glad when that portion of the cleanse was over.

The next week was a liver and intestine cleanse. The diet for that portion was vegetarian with only a little meat and otherwise very healthy. No alcohol, dairy or caffeine among other things. It was so much better than the colon cleanse that I hardly minded the dietary restrictions. Thankfully I didn’t find any parasites, which can happen during this part of the cleanse.

Today I started the lung and kidney cleanse. I have to take liquid and pill herbs 3-4 times a day and maintain a sensible diet. I’m still severely limiting meat, no beef and cutting out 95% of diary. It actually hasn’t been all that hard to maintain this diet. Ray is supportive and when we go out, we make sure to go to a restaurant with some vegan options which isn’t hard to do in New York. I also found a couple recipes on the Whole Foods recipe app for my iPhone and last night made a delicious quinoa dish. Finally today I became a little tired of the limitations, but I keep telling myself, only 1 1/2 weeks left. I definitely feel better… less bloated, more energy and happier. I like doing a cleanse during this time of year. I had put on a number of pounds since the wedding and was feeling a little sluggish. I feel like it’s a way to pre-spring clean my body.