Prima Ballerina

It’s no secret that I love sites like Groupon and Living Social. So when a deal came up that included 10 fitness classes including Pilates at a ballet center, I jumped on it. I intended to take only the Pilates classes, then I started thinking… wouldn’t knowing some ballet moves help my Pilates practice? It’s always a little frustrating to take a class from a former dancer who expects all of her students to have the same background. So I bought myself a pair of ballet slippers and enrolled in my first intro to ballet class last night.

The class description said it is for students who have been studying for 0 -1 years. That’s me… but it’s also women who have almost a year of experience. I barely know how to plie. But the instructor was easy to understand the gave me a little extra help throughout the hour and a half lesson.

And I have to say, it was a really great experience. I really got into it and felt graceful and challenged all at the same time. There were a few moments where I was a little lost, but I’m sure with a little practice it will become more familiar.

The first lesson the teacher wanted me to understand was maintaining a strong core with relaxed shoulders. This is where my Pilates background really came into play. I can’t tell you how many times I tell my students that and how many times I practice scooping my abs as a student. Because I didn’t have to learn how to stay strong in the core I could focus on the next step – the footwork.

I’m a little sore today, but I will definitely go back. Ray and I took dancing lessons before the wedding and I always felt like it was a nice escape from the real world. I found myself focusing in a different sort of way and felt like I was using a different part of my brain. Hopefully I’ll get good use out of those ballet slippers.