Taking a 2nd Rate Class

Maybe it’s because I’ve figured which studios in town I like or how to pre-screen a studio to see if it’s in line with the Pilates teaching I like to practice, but my bad class last night came as kind of a surprise. As a relatively new Pilates instructor, I don’t consider myself an expert on critiquing teachers, but this was bad. Just flat out bad. I’m not going to mention the name of the studio because I don’t think this one teacher is indicative of their entire program. But I won’t be taking class from her again. And if I hadn’t bought a package from the studio, I wouldn’t be going back either. Lesson learned: don’t buy a package until after you try the studio out.

So now that I’m done venting, here are some of my complaints: The “warm-up” lasted 15 minutes. The instructor kept using very technical body part names, that even as a teacher, I had to think about. Not something I want to do when responding to a cue. She gave very confusing cues and didn’t respond to the ability level of the class. Fifteen minutes after the class was scheduled to end, she was still trying to teach. I had to leave before she finished. And most of all, she clearly didn’t take the class seriously. She talked to us like we were confidants, not clients. I expect a level of expertise and professionalism from my teachers.

I went to the  studio’s website after the class and she is the only teacher listed without a bio. This leads me to believe she is new, and perhaps inexperienced. I’ll definitely be checking that bio page before booking my next class.