Barre3 Experience

When I was in Portland, OR on business about a month ago, I had the pleasure of taking a Barre3 class. Barre3 is the ballet, pilates, yoga hybrid by Sadie Lincoln. It’s received a lot of press recently after Madonna left the Tracy Anderson Method for Barre3. It was the first barre class I’ve taken, though I have taken some actual ballet classes.

The workout was great. It was the same concept as Tracy Aderson – lots of reps with small weights. The teacher was good, though I would have liked more hands-on adjustments like I’m accustomed to in a Pilates or Yoga class. The barre from ballet and some yoga elements were included, but I didn’t find much Pilates in the class. The studio and staff were very pleasant, making it a good experience. And believe me – I was SORE the next day! Much more so than a yoga or Pilates class. I know Sadie and her team are looking to open a franchise in NYC and I hope she does it soon – I’ll definitely go back.