Natural Deodorants

One of the most difficult natural items for me to find is deodorant. I’ve completely given up finding antiperspirants made without harsh chemicals and have tried at least a half-dozen different deodorants. Just yesterday I was getting frustrated with my search and the thought of going back to regular deodorant creeped into my mind. But then a morning email from Well & Good NYC brought up the issue again and reminded me why natural choices are important and that I’m not the only one who struggles with finding an effective natural deodorant. The Well & Good article found here tested four different types of deodorants. I’ve tried the Tom’s of Maine version and wasn’t impressed. My husband really likes the Naturally Fresh Crystal Roll-On. He says it’s cheap and effective. What more could you want?

I find that I need a little more coverage than he does. Right now I have two favorites… Crystal Body Deodorant Spray and crystal rock and Kiss My Face Liquid Rock. I bought them both at Whole Foods, and they can easily be found online for about $5 each.

Along with those two winners, I’ve also tried some brands that I won’t be re-purchasing including two solids, one by Lafe’s Natural Body Care and the other by Alba Botanica and a roll on by Skin by Monica.

I try to buy fragrance free and sample sizes when possible. I’m still searching for something that works as good as Degree without the harsh chemicals. Hopefully if enough people show manufacturers there is a desire for effective natural deodorants there will soon be more options.

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  • ravingmadscientists

    Have you ever heard of or checked out Lush?? They are an AMAZING company, all of their (huge list of) beauty products are completely hand made and with fresh ingredients. I’ve tried tons of their stuff, some I adore, some not so much, but I think they are worth a look, absolutely. They have natural deoderants, but I’ve never tried them. They have many stores across the country, I know there’s gotta be a at least 1 or 2 in your neck of the woods. :)

    • methodwellness

      I’ve seen the stores but haven’t ever bought anything. I’ll try it out the next time I pass one :)

  • ravingmadscientists

    Going into a Lush store is an utter blast. They will let you try anything, it’s like a science experiment in there, albeit one that smells AMAZING. Pick up a bar of “Sultana of Soap” ….. it smells okay in the store, but once it’s in your shower, wow. It’s wonderful. I also love Dream Cream (a natural body lotion) and damn, they just have so many awesome, crazy products.

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