A Barre3 Class with Sadie Lincoln

I had the opportunity to take a Barre3 class the last time I was in Portland and this weekend I got a repeat treat while founder Sadie Lincoln was in NYC. This class wasn’t in a traditional Barre3 studio, but the Lululemon store in Lincoln Center. The event was hosted by Well & Good NYC.

Barre3 combines barre, Yoga & Pilates. But the “3″ in Barre3 also stands for balance. Balance in life and within the routine. I had the opportunity to talk with Sadie about this concept and she said that she designed the system and business around the life she wants to lead. Her studios close every afternoon so owners can eat dinner with their families.

This time around, Sadie herself was teaching at a local Lululemon store. It was crowded and instead of a barre, the walls were lined with clothing. But one thing was the same – a butt kicking workout! Sadie led us through an hour long class filled with moves different from most other classes I’ve taken, regardless of genre. The high reps of small movements were also still present. I definitely felt the workout in areas I don’t have success targeting like the inner thighs and down the length of my back.

Some interesting notes from the class:

  • Sadie said that women tend to overdevelop their quads and should target hamstrings and calves
  • When in a balancing pose on one foot, Sadie told us to hold our ear with the opposite hand to improve balance – and it worked!
  • Ever trembled during a tough workout? Sadie calls those a “Barre3 earthquake” and encourages them. I experienced that during class and witnessed some others trembling around me too!
  • Another tip I picked up during class: practice plank position for a minute every day to improve posture and strength. There’s no excuse not to – it only takes a minute.

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of the challenging system and am hoping a permanent outpost lands in NYC soon.