Healthy Living Media Event – “Change Starts With Your Underwear”

Recently I attended the Healthy Living Media Event in New York City. It was basically a collection of different brands showingoff their products to the media, offering samples and explaining their wares. I got to take home some nice goodies including awindow tomato garden kit from Seeds of Change, an LED lightbulb from Pharox that is expected to last up to 25 years and a tube of organic-based, all natural sunscreen from Badger.

But my favorite take-home from the event is a pair of organic underwear from Pact with their charming slogan, “Change starts with your underwear.” That’s right, organic undies. It was less about the actual product than the messaging that appealed to me so much. The undies are made of completely organic cotton with low-impact dyes, packed in fabric bags made from excess material. An easy way to pick what patterns you like is to choose a cause you’d like to support. Each pattern is paired with a different charitable organization and a portion of the proceeds benefits that organization. So you get a comfy pair of organic undies and a chance to give back! Only downside – the price.  A pair of women’s bikinis goes for $20 which is more than I like to spend. But splurging on one or two pairs is definitely worth it.