Yes, it’s Possible to Get Rid of PMS

About a year and a half ago I was suffering from terrible PMS. Unless you’ve experienced this, it’s hard to realize exactly how bad it can be. I couldn’t stay awake, had night sweats, terrible mood swing and became incredibly irritable. My doctor said I was the picture of health, but I couldn’t imagine living my entire life suffering from all of those symptoms. Though a series of unrelated events, I started seeing acupuncturist and herbalist, Jill Blakeway from the YinOva Center. Jill found out about my symptoms and started treating me with acupuncture and with a special blend of Chinese herbs that she prescribed. The herbs come from a pharmacy in Boston in a powder form. I mixed them with water morning and night and three months later I was like a different person. Like many women I had no idea there was treatment for PMS outside of Midol.

Jill said there are about 13,000 Chinese herbs recorded, and contrary to the name, they are not all plants. Some are minerals and others are animals. Ever been in a Chinatown store displaying seahorses and other uncommon animals? Those are used for medicinal purposes… in the seahorses case, to treat impotence. The YinOva center doesn’t use any controversial remedies like many of the animal products. Jill says she routinely works with about 450 herbs and has 700 that she can call on easily. Because there are so many varieties, the herbs are able to target very specific ailments. For instance, Jill said there are many herbs for arthritis, and one in particular for arthritis in the shoulder.

In my case, Jill said that I tend to be like a pressure cooker and hold everything in, inhibiting the flow of qi. If you know me at all, you know that this is very accurate. So the herbs she gave me were designed to open the flow of energy throughout my body. I recently started seeing Jill again for other menstrual issues and she prescribed another batch of herbs that promote circulation paired with weekly acupuncture. I started the treatment about two weeks ago, so it’s still too early to tell if it’s working. Check back in about a month for another update.