New Bottle Recycling Program & Lunch with Kelly Rutherford

Kelly Rutherford and me at the Born Free event

I was invited to lunch this week at the American Museum of Natural History to celebrate the launch of the new Born Free baby bottle recycling program. Born Free fan and mom of two Kelly Rutherford sat at my table. She gave a short intro and Dr. AlanGreene explained the program and why he likes Born Free bottles. I’ve worked with Dr. Greene a number of times when I was producing Parents TV. He is really great. On top of being a practicing pediatrician, he has two books out for new and expecting parents.

The bottle recycling program tracks the Born Free bottles they pay for you to send back to the company when you register online. They’re also slowly putting bins in retail locations to collect not only the new bottles, but the old ones as well. Born Free is already known as BPA and estrogen free as well as a great way to decrease colic in babies and I applaud them for adding the recycling program to their list of credentials.

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