My Take on Cleanses

Spring is definitely here and along with spring cleaning your home, it’s also a good time for an internal cleanse. Juice cleanses have never been more popular. New Yorkers have a lot of options with Blue Print Cleanse, Organic Avenue and Salma Hayek’s Cooler Cleanse.

More about my cleanse experiences after the jump…

Blue Print Cleanse image from

A few years ago I tried the Blue Print Cleanse for three days. And let me tell you, that was about all I could handle. The majority of the cleanse is the most disgusting green juice I’ve ever tasted. BPC says every day is essentially 20 lbs of pressed fruits and veggies. Though I couldn’t find the info on BPC’s website, it’s my guess that there is at least some kale in the green juice. My co-worker did the cleanse with me and both of us had trouble keeping it down. I didn’t feel any better after the three-day cleanse, though I can’t account for the internal benefits. I lost a few pounds but quickly put it back on after I started eating sodium and solid foods again.

Blessed Herbs Internal Cleanse

Last year I tried a more gentle yet longer cleanse from Blessed Herbs. Our friends at the Yin Ova Center do the cleanse every year. You can chart their progress here. The internal & colon cleanse lasts about 4 weeks and uses herbs along with a restricted diet (read: you eat solid foods) to detox your system. The restricted diet became a little confining, but I felt so good when I was finished. It’s pretty intense as you’re taking pills and liquid herbal supplements all day along with drinking what I call “sludge.” They call this a toxin absorber. It’s a clay-based mix that you blend with organic juice and down twice a day. It was pretty gross, but got the job done. If you don’t have a problem committing a month to this cleanse, I highly recommend it.

Metagenics UltraClear Medical Food

Earlier this year I was experiencing intense sugar cravings a different acupuncturist I was seeing recommended a week-long detox using powder and pill supplements from Metagenics. This also required dietary restrictions that were different from the Blessed Herbs month. I liked that this detox only lasted a week. You can do it for a month, but I found the week to be a good jump-start when I had strayed from a healthy diet. I felt better, stopped craving so much sugar and dropped 3 pounds that stayed off. I’m thinking about doing this cleanse again after Easter. This company offers a lot of products, so it’s probably best to consult a professional before picking what’s right for you.

I’ve found that I really prefer the cleanses that have some type of solid food with them. Since I did Blue Print, they’ve added plans that combine their juices and solid food. I might be willing to try it, but feel no reason to stray from the Metagenics.