Yoga & Chocolate: A Relaxing Combination

For my birthday this year I got tickets to the Yoga Journal Conference for a Yoga & Chocolate class and a talk with Michael Pollan. Both were last night. I’ve had a very stressful two weeks and can’t remember the last time I made it to a yoga class, so I was really looking forward to this, yet a little nervous about being the worst person in the class. I mean, this was part of the Yoga Journal Conference, not exactly a donation-based class where anyone can drop in.

David Romanelli led the class through a series of asanas that weren’t too advanced and stressed the concept of living in the moment and finding something every day to enjoy or be happy about. He encouraged us to calm our minds as we moved through the postures. He intertwined instruction with stories from his book “Livin’ the Moment” and anecdotes he’s picked up along the way about enjoying every day. He encouraged us to find a “BFD” everyday – something beautiful, fun (or funny) and delicious. After a wonderful savasana where he and the assistant instructor put the most intense lavender essential oil on our heads, they passed out three chocolates from Vosges. David read a recommendation of how to eat the chocolate and everyone gingerly tasted their plate. The event was quite relaxing and just what I needed.