Another reason to do Pilates and Yoga: Bone Health

Sharon from Rainbow Light preparing to administer my scan

While at the Yoga Marketplace at the Yoga Journal Conference I stopped by the Rainbow Light booth and had an achilles ultrasound test on my foot to gauge bone density. It’s the first time I’ve ever had access to a bone density screening, so I jumped at the opportunity. I am allergic to dairy, meaning I can eat some but too much gives me terrible headaches. Because of that, I drink soy milk and avoid many dairy products, so I was a little concerned that it was affecting my bones. Sharon was my technician and explained that this is the 2nd best screening for bone density. The first is called a DXA scan and it uses x-rays making it much less portable and impossible to administer in a busy area like the Yoga Marketplace. The entire screening lasted only a couple of minutes. I had to put my foot in a small machine that surrounded my ankle with tiny balloons while administering the ultrasound.

The test yielded two numbers – your density compared with an average 30 year old, and also compared with people in your age range. Since I’m 30, my numbers were the same and I am in the low risk category. Sharon told me that now is the time I should really start thinking about bone health. She said leafy greens and legumes are a great way to get calcium. She also said how important it was to do weight bearing exercises and that Yoga and Pilates are two of the best for promoting healthy bones as I age.