New Natural Deodorant Finds

After my first post on natural deodorants, I still wasn’t completely happy with the results so I decided to make my own! I found an easy recipe from One Green Generation – you can find it here. It was really easy to make, the whole process took about 5 minutes and involved only two ingredients – corn starch and baking soda. The mix works well but not perfectly. I’m thinking about adding a little more of the baking soda to take it up a notch.

I also got a sample of Purple Prairie Botanical’s  deodorant. To date, it’s my favorite natural deodorant. In fact, I just ordered another tube (I only had a trial size). It works really well and has a wonderful lavender smell. My husband tells me I smell nice almost every time I have it on. My only complaint is that it is a little greasy. I accidentally put it on before a rayon shirt and it got all over the shirt. So there are days I don’t use it because of the clothing I’m wearing. The price is also not bad – $6.99 a tube. It’s not as cheap as the homemade deodorant, but has a nice scent and I think works a little better.

Affordable Acupuncture

I was a little hesitant to try community acupuncture, but I gave in and gave it a go earlier this week. And I’m so glad I did. I went to City Acupuncture on Fulton St. in NYC. The space was welcoming and clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. I immediately felt at home. I assumed that you would be looking at other clients while getting treated, but the tables and chairs are arranged with screens, so I wasn’t even sure how many other people were in the room. Before arriving, I filled out a complete intake form and after I was taken to my table, Catherine, my acupuncturist, asked some questions and examined my tongue and pulse. We decided that she would treat my back for stress – my muscles were tight and achy. The acupuncture was great. I zoned out like I rarely had before. Catherine asked if I wanted a little cupping done too. I agreed and she put plastic versions of the cups up and down my back. I left feeling relaxed and happy. The cost for this great treatment: $25-$50 depending on your ability – no questions asked. This is definitely the most sustainable acupuncture I’ve come across and something I’ll definitely do again.

Finally a Natural Jewelry Cleaner

I love having my jewelry sparkling clean, but I hate using the terribly toxic cleaning solutions that are mass marketed, so I was really excited to try out a sample of Sparkle Bright. The set came with a liquid jewelry cleaner and a tarnish remover paste. I tried the paste on one of my favorite bracelets that had become unwearable because of the tarnish. A regular polishing cloth couldn’t get between the beads. Within about two minutes I had the bracelet sparkling clean. The paste was easy to work with and didn’t have a strong chemical. None of the products contain harmful chemicals like ammonia, acids, or alcohol and all are biodegradable. Plus the liquid jewelry cleaner smells like bananas!

How Often Should You Get a Facial?

I’ll admit it, I love the deal sites like Groupon or Living Social. But my favorite is Lifebooker, specifically, Lifebooker Loot. They often have discounted facials and I often take advantage. Today was one of those days. I was super excited to try this new spa but that quickly faded. The esthetician began to talk and talk and talk. She asked me the last time I had a facial and I said about six weeks ago (I estimated wrong, it was really 13 weeks ag0) and she was really rude about it. She started lecturing me about having facials too often and ruining my skin, challenging me about why I thought I needed a facial. She actually made me feel bad about making an appointment with her. Let me be clear, there was nothing harsh going on here… a mask, some lotion, some extractions (yes, I’m in the pro-extraction camp). We’re not talking dermabrasion or chemical peel here. In her (not so humble) opinion, women need facials about every 3 months. This was in direct contrast to everything else I’ve heard. So I did some research…

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Why is it so hard to play tennis in NYC?

Jelena Jankovic at The Family Circle Cup

Tennis is one of my favorite sports both to watch and to play. But since moving to NYC, my own game has suffered. Recently Ray and I were inspired by the French Open and the beautiful weather to try to hit the courts. This is a rare occasion partly because the nearest courts are a 15 minute walk away and partly because it costs $30 for the two of us to play for one hour, and you usually have to wait to get a court. It really irritates me that the city courts charge so much for residents to use city courts. In every other city I’ve lived in, there has been free access and unlimited play. I understand that New York is bigger and there is more demand, but $30 for an hour is more than I pay for a Pilates or Yoga class. But we got over all of that and headed out.

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Inside the Barre3 Community

It’s no secret that I’m a Barre3 Fan (see here and here). I had the pleasure of working with Sadie Lincoln and Amy Leclerc on a recent segment I produced for Better TV. They were happy with the results and I really enjoyed producing the piece. Check out the finished segment: