Affordable Acupuncture

I was a little hesitant to try community acupuncture, but I gave in and gave it a go earlier this week. And I’m so glad I did. I went to City Acupuncture on Fulton St. in NYC. The space was welcoming and clean and the staff was friendly and helpful. I immediately felt at home. I assumed that you would be looking at other clients while getting treated, but the tables and chairs are arranged with screens, so I wasn’t even sure how many other people were in the room. Before arriving, I filled out a complete intake form and after I was taken to my table, Catherine, my acupuncturist, asked some questions and examined my tongue and pulse. We decided that she would treat my back for stress – my muscles were tight and achy. The acupuncture was great. I zoned out like I rarely had before. Catherine asked if I wanted a little cupping done too. I agreed and she put plastic versions of the cups up and down my back. I left feeling relaxed and happy. The cost for this great treatment: $25-$50 depending on your ability – no questions asked. This is definitely the most sustainable acupuncture I’ve come across and something I’ll definitely do again.