New Natural Deodorant Finds

After my first post on natural deodorants, I still wasn’t completely happy with the results so I decided to make my own! I found an easy recipe from One Green Generation – you can find it here. It was really easy to make, the whole process took about 5 minutes and involved only two ingredients – corn starch and baking soda. The mix works well but not perfectly. I’m thinking about adding a little more of the baking soda to take it up a notch.

I also got a sample of Purple Prairie Botanical’s  deodorant. To date, it’s my favorite natural deodorant. In fact, I just ordered another tube (I only had a trial size). It works really well and has a wonderful lavender smell. My husband tells me I smell nice almost every time I have it on. My only complaint is that it is a little greasy. I accidentally put it on before a rayon shirt and it got all over the shirt. So there are days I don’t use it because of the clothing I’m wearing. The price is also not bad – $6.99 a tube. It’s not as cheap as the homemade deodorant, but has a nice scent and I think works a little better.