Easy Way to Get Free Natural Skin Care

Nelson's Pure & Clear Anti-acne Line

I was very excited when Nelson’s asked me to be a part of the Pure & Clear Challenge. Over the past year it seems I’ve constantly had a breakout on my chin or cheek. I’ve tried the products in the past and have been impressed. They use natural plant extracts to break the cycle of blemishes and are free from artificial colorings, fragrances and chemical skin irritants like parabens, PEG’s, silicone and others.

The challenge is simple: submit a “before picture” that shows your problem skin and the first 150 people to respond will get 4 full size products from the line for free! Then after using the products for a month, send an “after” picture. Everyone who completes the challenge will receive Nelson’s goodies and be entered to win an iPod.

Click here to find out all the details and when you’re ready to get your products, email your name, address & photo to challenge@nelsons.net.

So for the month of August I’ll be using the products and I’ll report back in September with hopefully good results! I’ll post my before and after pictures at that time too.

Explaining “Farm to Table”

Bobo Dining Room (photo credit: Logan Hodson)

Ray and I recently had an absolutely delicious meal at Bobo in NYC’s West Village. We tried the steak frites and the steak tartare (both sounded too good to pass up). On top of amazing drinks and an outdoor seating area, the restaurant boasted a farm to table menu. Farm to table is a term thrown around more and more with a desirable connotation, but I wanted to figure out exactly what it meant. So Bobo’s Executive Chef Patrick Connolly broke it down for me.

Steak Tartare at BOBO

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Losing it with Michael Pollan

Editor’s Note: Today’s blog is written by my little sister, Lora Moncheck. Lora is a college student at Mount Union University in Ohio. Living in a small town on a college student’s budget, she offers a unique viewpoint when it comes to living healthy. She’ll be sharing her experiences and successes here on MethodWellness.com

My whole life I have struggled with my weight. Like most people I tried everything from counting calories to fad diets. Then last Christmas, I received Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules”. When I first flipped through, I didn’t know what to expect, but I liked that each page/rule was short and easy to read. It did not take long to finish, and I actually enjoyed it. The rules just made sense.

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Truffle Hunting in the Tuscan Forest

For my birthday, Ray set up a Truffle hunting experience for us while we were in Florence on our recent vacation. Giulio the Truffle Hunter picked us up at the train station and took us to his house called Limonaia in Bagno Rapoli, a town about 15 minutes outside of Florence. He used to run a B&B out of the house, so it is beautifully furnished. Giulio is now a registered Truffle Hunter and organizes truffle hunts and wine tastings with his wife, Christina.

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Spa – Turkish Style

While recently in Istanbul, I made a point to visit a local Hamam, or Turkish bath. We decided to go to the Cemberlitas Hamam. It is a little more touristy, but still offered the traditional service of a scrub and oil massage. This hamam was built in 1584 by famed Turkish architect Sinan. It has identical separate spaces for men and woman.

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