Benefits of Organic Wine

Written by: Lora Moncheck

Organic Wine Section at West Point Market

Lately I have been on an organic food kick.  And I figured if I am going to eat organic I may as well drink organic as well, and that includes alcohol.  It wasn’t very easy for me to find the organic wine.  I searched my local grocery stores and couldn’t find it anywhere.  I finally found it at a specialty food store near me called West Point Market in Akron, Ohio. They didn’t have a big selection but I did have a few options to choose from.  Trader Joe’s is also another store that has a decent collection of organic wines.

To be a certified organic wine, it has to be made from organic grapes which are grown with no pesticides.  However, natural wine is wine that is grown with organic grapes and does not contain sulfates or one that has less than 10 parts per a million naturally occurring sulfates in it.

The bottle I chose was called Our Daily Red from California.  I prefer sweet red so this was a little bitter for my liking, but still good. The smell and taste was the same as other conventional wines I’ve had in the past.  It also only cost $10 for the bottle, which I didn’t think was a bad deal at all. In fact, all of the bottles were priced around $10 – $20.

If you have ever read “Skinny Bitch” by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin you’ll know they rave about organic red wine.  It is filled with antioxidants, cancer-fighters and helps prevents heart disease.  Since organic wine is seemingly better for you, not overly priced and tastes no different, I can’t see why I wouldn’t continue to by it in the future if I can find it.