At-Home Workout Picks

One of my friends recently asked me what Pilates DVDs or online videos I like. Personally, I do better with group fitness classes, but I like to have a few options at home in case I’m in a pinch. One that my husband and I both like is Mari Winsor’s Winsor Pilates 20 minute workout. It’s a great classical Pilates set that, done right, is a good workout in only 20 minutes.

My other favorite is Sadie Lincoln is one of my favorites and she’s taken at-home workouts to a new level. The site is constantly adding routines that target different areas and run different lengths meaning there is a perfect video for every situation. They only catch is that it requires a monthly description.

I think the instruction on MyBarre3 and in the Winsor Pilates DVDs are pretty clear, even for someone newer to the workouts.