Natural Teething Relief

One of the worst things about being a mom is seeing your little one in pain. And cutting four teeth at once definitely did a number on my little girl. Like I do with most ailments, I try to go the natural route before reaching for the medicine bottle.

My sister gave me a children’s homeopathic kit as a baby shower gift and one of the remedies is chamomile for teething pain. After she turned six months old, I started using the little pellets. I dissolve two of them in a small amount of water then us a syringe to make sure she drinks all of it. In most cases she calms down and seems to be relieved of the pain. It doesn’t knock her out like the acetaminophen does, which in my mind, is a good thing.

The other, somewhat more controversial, approach we’ve tried is an amber teething necklace. I only say it’s controversial because necklaces are a choking hazard. We do not wear it on her when she sleeps. Some parents say that makes the healing properties of the amber less effective, but it’s not a risk I’m willing to take. I read that the lighter colored amber is more effective so we went with that. Again, it takes the edge off. I find it more helpful when I can tell she’s teething by increased drool and her wanting to chew on everything. I’ll put the necklace on her to try to head off any symptoms. When she’s in acute pain, we turn to the chamomile and if that still isn’t enough, I’ll reluctantly use acetaminophen.

We don’t use any of the topical gels in our house. There was a warning by the FDA about the ingredient Benzocaine that you can read more about here.