Ladies – Do yourself a favor and get a professional bra sizing

Photo Credit: Andrew McCaul

Ok, so this is a little off-topic for this blog, but just consider this my public service announcement to you. The next time you want to treat yourself, head over to a professional lingerie shop and get yourself sized. I’m not talking about Victoria’s Secret here… I mean a place that employs women who have been trained for years to size you. Women who work with you one on one while you try on the bras so you get the perfect fit.

I was fed up with my ill-fitting bra this week, so I headed over to Linda’s Bra Shop in Murray Hill. I’ve featured Linda in segments I’ve produced in the past and purchased bras from her before. But weight gain and loss combined with bras wearing out meant it was time for another visit. Linda measured me and recommended a size that I never would have chosen for myself. I was skeptical, but as soon as I put on one of her choices, it was like a whole new world. I felt supported but free at the same time. Free from the band digging into my back or a shoulder strap that doesn’t stay put. I left the shop wearing one of my new bras. Linda kindly tossed my old one. These bras are not cheap – it was definitely a splurge for me, but one that makes me feel better all day every day.

Here is some bits of bra wisdom I’ve learned from Linda
* When you buy a bra, make sure the band is snug on the largest hook. As the bra stretches, it will get bigger and you’ll be able to make it tighter
* Bras should be replaced about every 6 months
* Your breasts should rest about half way between your shoulders and elbows with your bra on

For answers to some common questions, check out Linda’s bra school here


Explaining “Farm to Table”

Bobo Dining Room (photo credit: Logan Hodson)

Ray and I recently had an absolutely delicious meal at Bobo in NYC’s West Village. We tried the steak frites and the steak tartare (both sounded too good to pass up). On top of amazing drinks and an outdoor seating area, the restaurant boasted a farm to table menu. Farm to table is a term thrown around more and more with a desirable connotation, but I wanted to figure out exactly what it meant. So Bobo’s Executive Chef Patrick Connolly broke it down for me.

Steak Tartare at BOBO

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